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The primary focus of Niner Nation Gold is to involve Charlotte 49ers students in an excitement-oriented organization that is committed to supporting and promoting all Charlotte athletic programs.  More importantly, it is our goal to educate 49ers students of the importance of giving back to the 49er Club after graduation to support Charlotte athletics for a lifetime. 

We are proud to be one of the largest student organizations at Charlotte and strive to be the finest student-athletic organization in the country.

  1. Niner Nation Gold T-shirt

  2. (8) Niner Nation Loyalty Points

  3. Accumulation of priority points for 49er Club membership upon graduation

  4. Car Decal and 49ers Lapel Pin

  5. Special Niner Nation Gold cookouts, tailgates, and other social events

  6. Meet 49ers coaches and players

  7. Opportunity for priority lower level student seating for men's basketball.


$20 (Per academic year)


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What is Niner Nation Gold?